May 20, 2022 1:53 pm

Set Your Goals For Peace, Love and Happiness to Live in Harmony

When you set your goals to reflect your values and your life purpose, you will be in harmony. Mohandas Gandhi, one of the first to use peaceful protest, said:

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.

This happens when your goals and your values match. These value driven goals will bring positive feelings, even if there are big challenges and set-backs because:

You will not only do things right, you will do the right things.

To learn how to set your goals for peace love and happiness we start with the roots of peace love and happiness. Scientists have now shown that if we choose to, we can all be happier by:

focusing more on positive emotions like gratitude, hope, and love
working on activities that challenge us to use our strengths to do more, in a state of flow
focusing on and supporting other people in rich and diverse relationships.
These very same activities increase the peace in our communities and enhance feelings love in us and the people we interact with.

How Goals Help

Goals can help in two important ways. First, when we learn how to set your goals so they are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely, we increase our feelings of flow for any project or activity. According to Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, having a clear goal and measuring our progress towards that goal help us to loose ourselves in the challenge of achievement. SMART goals are not just a secret to success, they are a pathway to a happy life.

Second, our goals determine what we work for and where we consistently put our energy. When we consistently review our goals against our values and adjust them accordingly, we can make a big difference for ourselves, our communities and our planet. The key to goals for peace, love and happiness is to connect every goal to these larger values. For example, many people set goals to make a million dollars without thinking about why they want the money. Often it is what the money will buy- peace of mind, security, freedom, comfort, love and happiness- that is the real motivation. When we are clear about what the real goal is, it is easier to find a more direct course of action. When we focus on a path instead of what we want, it is easy to get off track. We give up the things that make us happy, like time with our friends and family and a connection to our community, in favor of the path of making more and more money.svgdaily

When you set your goals, think about the values your goal supports. Here are 7 basic questions that can help you connect your goals to your values.

What human needs will this goal help me meet? For example, the goal of becoming a millionaire may be rooted in the human need for security or freedom.
How will meeting this goal impact others? Will this goal help others meet their basic human needs? Will it help others, or hurt them? Will something change for others in the process of meeting this goal or when the goal is met?
How will this goal help me grow or improve? Goals that challenge us tend to motivate more than goals that are easy.
How will this goal expand me, my community, and the world? Positive emotions are expansive. They create opportunities, or grow skills or understanding. Goals that expand us are uplifting and happy, while goals that constrain us or others can drain us.
How can I use my strengths and special talents to achieve this goal? When we accomplish things using our strengths, those things we are good at and enjoy doing, we contribute our unique talents. This not only feels good, but improves our chances of success.
How does this goal help me achieve my life’s mission, purpose, or values? In other words, does this goal help you do the right things so what you do, think and say are naturally in harmony?
What is attractive to me about this goal? All analysis aside, is there something about this goal that really draws you in or resonates emotionally? If there is, be sure to acknowledge it, whether you see it as noble or not. It is a clue to your inner passion and motivation.
You may want to go through the process a few times, adjusting your goal each time until if feels right and is in harmony with who you are and want to become.

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