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Trade Show Exhibit Rentals Helps A Company Establish A Brand

Renting trade show exhibits can most times be more cost-effective rather than purchasing, maintaining and transporting one to various exhibition venues. The ideal exhibit – whether purchased or rented can go a long way to draw attention you your booth during exhibitions. The prime aim of participating in these shows is to ensure maximum foot traffic to your booth and then converting a good percentage of this to concrete customers for the company. HVAC Contractors

So, follow some trade show booth rental tips offered by experts that will give you a successful experience at each show you attend.
• Find a display that can be easily transported or set-up
• Opt for lightweight displays
• Look for flexible displays
• Get creative and impressive designs
• Create an environment that customers will remember

Even though all exhibit rentals are available around the vicinity of the exhibition hall, they still need to be transported to and from the venue. So, get trade show displays that are easy to transport and set up. In this way you can save on installation and dismantling expenses. Make sure the booth rentals are not too flimsy such that they will breakdown or fold up. This will look very shabby and present a poor image of your company. So, while it is best to choose an affordable rental option, do not go for a very cheap option. This could work against your company for rental companies who give cheap rentals will cut down on the quality of the items they rent.

With improvement in technology and great demand for new exhibits, there is a wide range of excellent, stable and lightweight display options made from high tech aluminum. You can also get curved or straight modular booths of different sizes that can be put together into multiple creative combinations. This will allow you to create made to order and exclusive displays at your trade show booths. When you go ahead and rent a booth for an exhibit, ensure that it is a flexible one and not rigid.

It is important the interiors of the booth and dividing walls can be converted into free standing displays or other options that the customer so desires. For example, one part of the booth can be a freestanding area where you can have displays, interactive screens and other materials that customers can browse through. Another area can be cordoned off for quiet discussions where serious customers can be spoken to. With the wide range of booth displays available, it is easy to rent one that will suit your company’s specific requirements.

It is important that your trade show exhibits are displayed in a manner that is impressive and free from clutter. A shabby display with multiple tables, shelves and other stuff fighting for space can confuse customers. If there is not enough room for them to walk around, they can just walk past your booth to your competitor’s. So, depending on the space available at the exhibition venue, rent a booth that will allow display of your products in an elegant and uncluttered manner.

When you attend a trade show, there will be several booths from people selling similar products or services. The best way to stand out from the crowd, be noticed and attract maximum foot traffic is by having a booth display that is powerful and focused. You can put up big banners, gobo lights, large 3D displays or some laser displays. This enables people to identify your booth from a distance and make a beeline for it. Another way is to have interesting games or giveaways. A short quiz show or an interactive game can always interest people.

They also love freebies, so get some pens, pencils, sweets or chocolates all with your company name embossed boldly. This will draw people to your display, entertain and engage them and send them away happy. This could partly be converted into sales in the future. The booth display must be a place where customers can freely interact with friendly sales people. So, make sure you have qualified personnel and informative marketing literature. An innovative and imaginative trade show display can be done with excellent rental facilities available. So, explore this possibility before investing in buying an entire booth and exhibit materials.

Article by Mark Delacruz of PopAndExhibits, who is a specialist in exhibit displays. For more information on trade show exhibits and displays, visit his site today.



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