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Romantic Wedding Abroad

Although different countries have different marriage customs, the wedding has no national boundary.


Romantic French wedding is in white tone. It is white whether decorated flowers or the bride’s dress, and even all the JAPANESE SILK WIG decorations. The bride will prepare called “wedding armoire” cabinet for the dowry. The cup the bride and the groom particularly use has a specific name called the “coup de marriage”.


The Germans will hold a party on the eve of the wedding. The couple will be teased in the party. And the most interesting program in the party should cheerfully throw the dish. To hold the wedding day, new people will go to the church from back and forth sitting on the horse-drawn carriage pulled by the black horse. Exits are sealed with red ribbon and garlands where the wedding is held, the groom can be through the export and he must be in exchange for money and promise to hold a party.


Japanese like to use the candy “kyogashi” containing the meaning of “celebrate” to treat guests in the wedding. The bride will wear the wedding kimono made from special silk, which is embroidered with the groom’s family seal. And she also wears a wig. In the wedding, the parents and guests will make Congratulations in the toast and Whisper the couple’s love story.

The Philippines

Filipinos usually hang a giant clock decorated with flowers in a high place at the wedding, where they hide a pair of pigeons. Completing all the procedures, the new people will pull the ribbon tying the clock. Let pigeons fly freely to symbolize eternal love. The guests will take turns to dance with the bride and groom and put money nailed into their clothes.


Russian wedding is the most special, which speeches completion message. Throw the glass toward the ceiling after the cheers and glass falls apart into pieces, which symbolizes that the couple will have a happy marriage. In addition, we can know that the first baby they expect is male or female from the decoration tied in the front of car by the couple. The Cubs represent that they want a son, and the dolls represent that they want a daughter.

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