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Credit Card Machine Buying Tips

The credit card is preferred by most people when paying for purchases and services because of its safety, security and ease of use. The use of credit cards is growing exponentially fueled by the growth of e-commerce and the increasing usage of credit cards in business-to-business transactions. Accepting credit cards in a business has many advantages. Not only will it help expand your consumer base, it will also provide an easier and more convenient alternative to paying by cash or check. When you accept credit cards, funds can be transferred to your bank account as soon as possible. If you are planning to sell online, accepting credit cards is a necessity.

Credit card processing equipments essential to any business, especially in today’s fast-paced lifestyle. In whatever business, the exploding use of credit cards and debit cards necessitates an investment on a reliable and secure credit card machine. There are a number of companies you can consider when shopping for a credit card processor such as banks, third party credit card processors, independent sales organizations, financial service providers and associations. Inquire about credit card processing equipment and make an informed choice when you decide to purchase.

I. Pervasive Technology

Credit card machines are being used extensively in almost every store and restaurant. These equipments are of great help to businesses as they process credit cards efficiently and securely. There is a huge variety of credit card processing equipment available in the market today and picking the right one appropriate for your business can be a challenge. If you are in the market for a credit card processing equipment, there are some simple tips you can follow to help you find the perfect credit card machine that will serve your intended purpose excellently. With the plethora of credit card machine options available, you might find it hard to decide on what credit card machine to buy. Here’s a simple guide to buying a credit card machine.

II. Buying Advice:

1. Buy, Don’t Lease

Credit card machines are not really that costly, usually at the $100-$1000 price range. Consider a credit card machine as a worthwhile investment in your business. Although, there are credit card machine leases available from some merchant account providers. Leasing a credit card terminal may cost you much more in the long run than buying your own unit.

2. Get Battery Backup

Be prepared for any eventuality. In case your store or business establishment experiences a power interruption, you would still want to be able to process customer transactions. Buy a credit card machine with a reliable backup battery to ensure that you can continue to do business even when you lose electrical power.

3. Purchase A Credit Card Machine With A Fast Modem

Credit cards are supposed to make transactions faster and more convenient. Thus, a fast modem that can send data and authorize transactions quickly is a top requirement in a credit card machine. You might shell out more for a credit card machine with a 9600-baud modem, but it is worth the money and our customers will definitely appreciate it too.

4. Ensure It Can Handle Smart Cards

Smart cards are becoming increasingly popular and are considered the future of credit cards. Smart cards include credit, debit, and other information in a card with a microchip in it instead of a magnetic stripe.

5. Flash Memory Is Recommended

For better functionality, choose a credit card machine that use flash memory to store the operating software. This will allow for convenient software downloads and installation and increase the longevity of the equipment.

6. Ensure It Can Handle Debit Transactions

Some customers might prefer paying by debit. For this purpose, you will need a credit card machine with a built-in PIN keypad. You can also consider a separate PIN keypad which your customers can access easily while keeping the credit card processing equipment out of reach.

7. Get An Imprinter As A Backup

This could prove useful in case your store or business establishment loses power or phone service. You can still continue to do business even if you are in the field processing customer transactions.


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