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Home Business Income Recreates A Bush Dwellers Dignity

I slouched away to the top side of the very wide sand dunes thicket; there I had made myself a sort of lay-up in the sand under the bush, where I slept on a few cardboard boxes which a neighbouring bush dweller (hobos) had given me.

Looking back, these were some of the most educational days of my life; I made two very good friends. Both slept in the heat of the day and scrimmaged through the beach front dirt boxes by night. They shared their loot with me and I mine with them. A very hotly coveted area was the area in front of the beach Wimpy cafe. It seemed that people who bought take away food and sat around the beach front benches enjoying the sea breeze whilst eating would invariably leave a few chips or a portion of some fish, or whatever was in their box when dropping it in the bin. Even in the beach bush apartheid reigned supreme. The white hobos slept well away from the blacks, in the day we were friends. (I live in South Africa.)

Gary, a particularly intelligent human specimen, my bush dweller side kick, at night met up with an equally dirty, but very well spoken woman who drank methylated spirits, this is a form of alcohol solvent also used in heating stoves, I never did find out why she had bailed out of life, though she clearly was an alcoholic as most bush dwellers are.

He had decided that he was giving up this incessan    หารายได้เสริมด้วย HUGA SLOT    human requirement to conform, pay taxes, and all the other usual every day things that conforming ginks do. I liked him, and even today, now that I have a successful internet income, he has remained a friend but chooses to continue to live his hobo life style.

I discovered that he was an ex mathematics teacher at a school in KwaZulu Natal where he was “robbed” of all he had in his home. He had gone away on a school rugby trip with the scholars on the school bus to another city, when he returned his home was empty, the bird had flown the nest and taken their 2 sons. He has never married again. I have not quizzed him on reasons as it is a very sore point. I learned that she had never worked in their married life and that it was difficult for her to earn a living. I told him I know where she is, but he said that if he worked she would take what he earned. Not a good attitude, but I was unable to sway his mind. This is certainly the main reason for him having given up on life.

About a week after my initial yacht club wash up, I felt itchy and dirty, I had not gotten used to no bath etc. I ambled up to the yacht club again, the labourer was apparently off. The wash room was unlocked. I thought I would sneak in and have a wash and also wash the only extra shirt I had which I wore as well, if you left it in your lay place in the bush, the others would wear it. I was about to sneak out of the wash room and back to my sunshade covering in the bush, when the door opened and enter the same guy who had been there the first time, he had obviously been for an early morning sail. We had quite an animated conversation at this time, all about society and its flaws, and how the crooked lived well and the honest people would always battle to make ends meet. I think I was bitter at life. I discovered why I did not know him, he sailed dinghies, and I had sailed ocean going yachts, only the more affluent could afford those, but now…

By this time I had lived in the bush some 5 weeks. I could not make up my mind if I wanted to opt out of life altogether, and stay a bush dweller, or if I should give life another go. A life without any bills to pay, or telephone ringing, or having to make some decision which may backfire, etc, I liked that part of my bush abode, but a whiskey before dinner also has its very special attractions.
This stranger proceeded to tell me how he had battled and how now he was able to be at the yacht club at these odd hours during the day. Because he running his own Internet Home Business, from his dining room table, making more than a mere residual income. He told me that he worked when he wanted to, his time belonged to him. He expounded very excitedly about his lifestyle and how he got there. He assured me that I would have to give up none of my freedom which had become the most valuable part of my bush life. I argued in favour of my new found freedom I told him, I like the idea that there is no one phoning and wanting a piece of me. That was bliss. He made this residual income thing he was on about sound easy and attractive. To cut the detail out of the next bit, I agreed to come and have some lunch at his place.

We arranged that he would collect me on the beach front the next day. I said that I have no clean clothes, and joked, saying that I might frighten his dog. He laughed and confirmed the next day’s appointment. That day I was introduced to a life style of comfort and freedom, he introduced me to the Internet Home Business concept. He had me around a few more times. The ease with which his fingers paraded across the computer key board made me wonder if I had enough knowledge and skill to succeed.

He had given me some of his own clothes, which were not a perfect fit, but much better than what I had. I was afraid, was society going to swallow me up again? I was offered an outside room in his back yard. I kind of grudgingly said that I was thankful. To tell the truth, I don’t think I was. I went back to the bush and shared my new cloths with Gary. David came to look for me about 3 days later and I said goodbye to my bush friends, but never to forget them nor life in the bush.
In the evenings Dave would work at his Internet Residual Income Business, very successful.
He contrived to get me to start the same thing on a computer which he hooked up to the same broadband connection, it was not a very modern machine, but it did the work.

Today, some years later, my internet business is up and running and my life is peaceful on the outskirts of town living in a cottage on a farm. I do not have many friends, as I am still trying to cope with societies drive to conform. I have a small cabin yacht to where I take my
Laptop when I disappear from society, I play with my many management tools I have learned to work which I use to control my 7 different income streams, amongst the Gurus known as multi stream income. Dave and I are good friends and I learn a lot from him.

I often visit Gary in the bush to take him food. I do my best to get him to join me and set up an internet home business. He can see it does well for me, but he chooses to remain in the bush. He is getting old, it worries me. I have arranged for some of the church members to persuade him to stay in the Salvation Army at night where they will feed him. When I arrive to see him, I blow the motor car horn in a certain way, and he appears from his bush dwelling, he takes great delight in telling me:” See, much easier to live in the bush, no taxes, no electricity bill, no oil price worries,” and so he rattles of all the disadvantages of being a conformist.

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