May 28, 2022 5:36 pm

The design of platform lifts

Also, contrary to belief, the design of platform lifts has progressed and they have literally ‘broken through the glass ceiling’ in their aesthetic quality and precision engineering. Following on from passenger lifts, platform lifts now present the same functionality and sophisticated designs that blend harmoniously in Passenger Lifts with both contemporary and traditional environments.

One of the more popular solutions in terms of subtleness is the freestanding platform lift and reach up to 13 meters. They come with their own shaft, with a very small pit size (around 50mm), meaning disruptive building work is kept to a minimum and can be installed very quickly. Glazed or 1 hour fire rated shaft can be erected by simply cutting a 50mm pit in the floor with a 3- or single- phase power supply. This type of platform lift doesn’t even require wall fixings and means the foundations of the building doesn’t need to be dug in to reducing labour costs and disruption to businesses.

Nottingham Forest FC’s ground, The City Ground is a good example where a freestanding platform lift has been used to achieve disabled access for its hospitality suites. As it is one of the premier venues in the East Midlands for banqueting and conferencing facilities, it was vital the ground provided equal access for all members of the public. When the lift wasn’t implemented, disabled people actually had to be lifted up the stairs, which is not a long term solution! The platform lift is now accessible from the foyer area and the contemporary glass fronted doors are in keeping with the modern interior of the stadium and create a light, non-claustrophobic atmosphere for its users.

Freestanding platform lifts can even be used in listed buildings, which in the past have caused the most problems for those who are mobility impaired visitors, without compromising the architecture found there, which English Heritage keep a close eye on. A good example of where there has been success in these types of buildings is the Hugo Boss store in Sloane Square, London, which is a listed building. It now offers a bespoke lift mirroring the company’s image and also being receptive to the building’s heritage.

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