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South Beach Weight Loss Diet

The South Beach Diet is a three-phase eating program designed for food lovers who need an effective way to lose weight. It is based on eating “good carbs” and plenty of fiber. While you can buy the South Beach Diet book to get all the program details, there are many online tools that can help you gain support and stay loyal to the program. The South Beach Diet has an entire section of the website called “Tools & Support.”

In that section you can find a meal planner, which will provide a daily menu customized to your tastes. There are hundreds of meal options to choose from, for every meal of the day in addition to snacks and dessert.

The site also comes with a shopping list generator, which helps you figure out what foods you should be buying at the grocery store. You can create a list for today or next week, and you will save time and money by going into the store with a list to stick to.

Another tool South Beach Diet provides is a recipe finder. It is replete with more than 1,000 healthy and tasty recipes for both meals and snacks. The database is easy to navigate and can help you find instructions for cooking food you’re in the mood for.

Discussion Groups are one of the major components of the South Beach Diet’s Tools & Support section. Registration is easy and will allow you to interact with others on the diet and reaching toward the same goals. Share recipes and tips, swap stories, brag about your success, ask for help – this is a place to receive ultimate support from people who understand what you’re going through.  strictiond

Do you have a hard time keeping with the South Beach Diet when you go out to eat at restaurants? You can still have success by using the Dining Out and Fast-Food Guides. They will help you figure out how to read the menus at restaurants. It will also teach you how to order healthful foods everywhere, whether you are at McDonald’s or an upscale café.

The Weight Tracker is another major part of the South Beach Diet online program. You can track your progress as you achieve weight loss results and receive encouragement from other online members. Regularly weighing in will help you maintain motivation. This also allows you to chart your progress.

Other online South Beach Diet tools include nutrition counseling, workout videos, online journals, South Beach Diet Kitchen (cooking tips), and daily e-mails containing tips, news, and encouragement.

How much does it cost to join the program? It is free for the first seven days, so you can try it out first to see how you like it before committing. Be aware, however, that you still must submit your credit card information for the free trial. Once the trial period is over, the cost is $5 a day and you can cancel at any time after a four-week commitment. You are not billed day-to-day, however; you are billed $65 every 13 weeks.

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