May 28, 2022 4:30 pm

Best Moisturizer For Very Dry Skin – 6 Important Ingredients That Will Make Your Skin Beautiful

I can understand why people are willing to pay so much in order to get the best moisturizer for very dry skin! It is so because an excessive dry body is very uncomfortable and unsightly; it causes itching, scaling, flaking and sometimes inflammation. It actually takes the best moisturizer oil to alleviate these problems.

Although some people have dry skin naturally, as we age the serum produced by our body decreases. Consequently, there is less of an oily barrier, allowing water to evaporate easily; and the ability of the body to retain moisture is diminished.

The scratching associated with excessive dryness can cause damage which may result to infection and inflammation. Dryness typically leads to thinness, dullness and susceptibility to fine lines and wrinkles.

The best moisturizer for very dry skin should therefore contain essential oils, humectants, emollients and lubricants to help restore the level of oil and moisture that the body needs. It should also contain healing ingredients to stop the itching and heal the scaling, flaking and inflammation caused by the extreme dryness.

6 important ingredients to look for:

1. Olivem 800: This is a special emulsifier that i  best serum for skin    s derived from Olive Oil. Studies have shown that of all natural oils, olive oil is the one that has the closest compatibility with our body; hence it is very beneficial to the health of the body. Olivem 800 contains a unique lipid form of olive oil that has a higher emollient effect.

2. Cynergy TK: This stimulates the production of natural collagen and elastin in the body; thereby maintaining its firmness and elasticity. It is also known to improve the brightness and radiance of dull scaly skin.

3. Jojoba Oil: This has a dual moisturizing effect because it forms a non-greasy layer that prevents loss of water and at the same time; it is absorbed into the cells very quickly to soften the body. Jojoba oil is a good moisturizer that leaves a velvet effect. It is known to be the best moisturizer oil because; its oil is known to be similar to the human sebum, so it is well accepted with out any risk of reaction or breakout. It helps balance the body sebum by moisturizing dry skin and reducing oil production in oily type.

4. Nano-Lipobelle HEQ10: This is a very important ingredient because it rejuvenates by promoting cell activity and renewal.

5. Phytessence Wakame: it is exotic Japanese kelp which increases the level of hyaluronic acid, helping the collagen and elastic fibers to retain their glue. It smoothes and moisturizes the body; it also helps heal irritation and inflammation.

6. Natural Vitamin E: This helps to reduce the effects of the unsightly conditions caused by dryness such as psoriasis and erythems.

The above mentioned natural ingredients will guide you in choosing the best moisturizer for very dry skin; the one that will hydrate and heal damages caused by the excess dryness.

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