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International Shipping to Senegal

Senegal is located in West Africa, bordered by four other African countries and the North Atlantic Ocean. With a population close to 14 million people, Senegal is dense with several ethnic groups and culture. The climate is primarily tropical in this region and tends to alternate between rainy and dry seasons. If you are returning to Senegal after having been away for a while, or interested in shipping cargo to the westernmost country of Eurafrasia, there are a few things you should understand about Senegalese customs and regulations.

Important Documentation Before Shipping to Senegal

Before traveling and shipping to Senegal, you must obtain certain documentation for your household goods to receive clearance at customs. These forms of documentation must be expressed mailed 15 days before the expected arrival of your goods.  acsifsenegal  This is essential in order for the shipper’s employer to apply for the possible duty free exemption certificate. These are the documents that must be sent prior to the arrival of your goods:

· Copy of a valid passport

· Certificate of change of residence/moving certificate

· Invoices for the electrical and hi-fi appliances and for all the items bought within the last 6 months require a new contract.

· Non-sale certificate (declaration on the honor that the client will not sell his or her household goods upon arrival in Senegal).

· Insurance certificate

Keeping your paperwork in a secure place and making sure that you have all of the correct documents is an essential part of international shipping to Senegal.

Customs Regulations for International Shipping to Senegal

Once you have mailed your documents, please note that it is important that you follow the appropriate custom regulation protocols in Senegal. While this list is not meant to be comprehensive,  cars scanner  it does include some of the major regulations for shipping to Senegal include the following:

· Used household goods are duty free if they have been in the owner’s possession and utilization for at least 6 months. Note that they must look “used” (no new wrapping)

· Customs officials in Senegal will only allow a single fridge, oven, deep freezer, computer, TV, and VCR per shipper (and family). If you need to ship a second appliance, you will be taxed.

· A satellite dish is considered to be a luxury product and is taxed by customs.

· Washing products or detergents are only allowed for one month’s consumption.

Whenever you ship to Senegal, you should also be aware that most removal shipments are opened and checked by customs. It is also important to note that Senegal strongly prohibits the shipment of any unlawful drugs. Alcohol is acceptable and duty free if you are shipping less than 30 bottles. For all firearms and ammunitions,  cars scanner   Senegal requires you to submit authorization to the territorial administration for review and possible approval.

Car Shipping to Senegal

If you are interested in shipping a motor vehicle to Senegal, you are required to provide specific documentation. You must also follow custom regulations that include the submission of your original registration card. Some of the required documentation you will need in order to ship a vehicle to Senegal includes the following:

· Non-sale certificate (declaration from the shipper that he will not sell his car during the 2 coming years)

· Certificate of change of residence/transfer letter

· Copy of passport

· Cars invoice

· Insurance certificate

All of the documents and certificates detailed above are essential for vehicle shipping to Senegal.  getsugarbalance store   As long as you follow the specific instructions and protocols, your international shipment to this country will be quite straightforward. In addition, working with an experienced and reliable cargo shipping company can make a huge difference. It is especially helpful to choose a shipping company with experience shipping to Senegal and to other destinations worldwide.

Ms. Bodner is an international cargo shipping expert at Cargo Experts. Licensed, bonded, and insured, Cargo Experts specializes in international cargo shipp

If you are looking for a pet parrot that is best for the whole family, then you must consider a Senegal parrot. Most pet lovers and parrot pet traders agree that Senegal parrots have been popular family pet birds because of their lively and engaging personality.

But, before you finally purchase a Senegal parrot and make it a family pet bird, you must be knowledgeable about its traits and characteristics for you to have an idea how it should be taken care of.

According to parrot experts, the Senegal parrot one of the best-known members of the entire Poicephalus family for having compact and cuddly physical traits and a very playful attitude. Frequently seen in pet shops around the United States and Europe, Senegal parrots originated from the north central part of Africa.

Unlike other parrot species, parrots posses an entirely different nature which are extremely playful, gentle and sweet in temperament that is perfect for its charming personality, cleverness, clear speech, and manageable behavior. They are also quieter but are good talkers if taught and trained properly. Since they possess much tamer nature, are known to be less demanding especially if they are given daily attention and interaction.


Senegal parrots are the most commonly kept Poicephalus birds there are. Identified for being a green bird with a gray head, Senegal parrots are famous for sporting different colored under parts, either its belly or vest with a bright yellow iris.

Senegal parrots can be divided into three sub-species that can easily be characterized by the color of their bellies as well as by their following names that include Poicephalus senegalus senegalus hailing from Southern Mauritania, southern Mali to Guinea and from the Island of Los, these are known as the nominate race and has a yellow belly; Poicephalus senegalus versteri originates from the Ivory Coast and Ghana east to western Nigeria and has red belly; and Poicephalus senegalus mesotypus coming from Eastern and North- eastern Nigeria, northern Cameroon into south-western Chad and has an orange belly.



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