May 21, 2022 5:48 pm

they’re more reasonable.”

Yes, that is what I heard from a senior leader of a small organization I turned into consulting with who changed into discussing morale problems in his workplace. He went on to mention that “men do not have the same problems in getting at the side of every different and that this is what takes place if you have an office full of ladies”.

Whoa! As an writer on women’s empowerment issues, in addition to my a few years of Human Resources revel in, I become greatly surprised and saddened at this gross generalization and his evaluation of the problems he become having in his office. It changed into surprising to me that his first reaction changed into accountable an entire “gender” for his company’s paintings-related problems. Of direction, I couldn’t face up to probing similarly and requested him what become specifically contributing to these morale troubles and actually delve into what those reasons had been. In different words, what have been the actual behaviors that have been being exhibited, how, and most significantly WHY? “Well”, he started, “one among our managers changed into seeking to cope with overall performance issues together with her employee and she or he blew up at her and desired to stroll off the task and now wants to quit”. He went on to mention, “This never might have passed off if it have been men concerned, as they’re more reasonable.”

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